BC HST Referendum Prediction Pool

Update: A winner has been announced: see http://bit.ly/hstprediction

A fundraiser and prediction game


As many of you know, voting in the BC HST Referendum closed on Friday August 5, and results will be announced on August 25. You may also know that the pollsters are afraid to predict the outcome, and estimates of voter turnout vary widely.

Partly out of an interest in prediction markets, and partly because I come from a long line of degenerate gamblers who will wager on anything, I’ve created a Prediction Pool for the referendum results.Can you correctly predict the result, and predict what the voter turnout will be?

Half the wagered amount will be donated to the United Way of Greater Victoria. The other half is yours to win.

The perfect game for political nerds … and those who will bet on anything not nailed down (I seem to know a lot of both types).

Game rules are at http://bit.ly/hstprediction

Vote early and vote often. It’s for charity. And tell your friends – they aren’t as smart as you, and they’ll increase your winnings.

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