DM Committees

Privy Council Office                          
Mr. Wayne Wouters*
Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet
Chair Chair Chair                   Chair
Ms. Janice Charette
Deputy Clerk of the Privy Council and Associate Secretary to the Cabinet
Vice-Chair Vice-Chair Vice-Chair                   Vice-Chair
Mr. Graham Flack
Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet (Plans & Consultations and Intergovernmental Affairs)
Mr. Simon Fothergill
Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet (L & HP and Machinery of Government)
Mr. Jean-François Tremblay
Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet (Operations)
Ms. Coleen Volk
Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet (Senior Personnel)
Ms. Wilma Vreeswijk
Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet (Business Transformation and Renewal)
Mr. Stephen Rigby
National Security Advisor to the PM
Mr. David Moloney
Senior Advisor, Privy Council Office
Mr. Robert Fonberg
Special Advisor to the Clerk
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada                          
Mr. Michael Wernick
DM, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
Ms. Colleen Swords
Associate DM, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
Ms. Suzanne Vinet
DM, Agriculture and Agri-Food
Mr. Timothy Sargent
Associate DM, Agriculture and Agri-Food
Mr. George Da Pont
President, Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Ms. Mary Komarynsky
Executive VP, Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Canadian Heritage                          
Mr. Daniel Jean
DM, Canadian Heritage
Ms. Nada Semaan
Associate DM, Canadian Heritage
Citizenship and Immigration                          
Mr. Neil Yeates
DM, Citizenship & Immigration
Mr. Peter Sylvester
Associate DM, Citizenship and Immigration
Mr. Bob Hamilton
DM, Environment
Ms. Andrea Lyon
Associate DM, Environment
Mr. Michael Horgan
DM, Finance
Mr. Jean Boivin
Associate DM, Finance
Ms. Louise Levonian
Associate DM, Finance
Fisheries and Oceans                          
Mr. Matthew King
DM, Fisheries and Oceans
Mr. David Bevan
Associate DM, Fisheries and Oceans
Mr. Marc Grégoire
Commissioner, Canadian Coast Guard
Foreign Affairs and International Trade                          
Mr. Morris Rosenberg
DM, Foreign Affairs
Mr. Peter Boehm
Associate DM, Foreign Affairs
Mr. Simon Kennedy
DM, International Trade
Ms. Margaret Biggs
President, Canadian International Development Agency
Ms. Greta Bossenmaier
Senior Executive Vice-President, CIDA
Ms. Glenda Yeates
DM, Health
Mr. Paul Rochon
Associate DM, Health
Dr. David Butler-Jones
Chief Public Health Officer, Public Health Agency of Canada
Ms. Krista Outhwaite
Executive VP, Public Health Agency of Canada
Human Resources and Skills Development                          
Mr. Ian Shugart
Ms. Karen Jackson
Senior Associate DM, HRSD and COO, Service Canada
Mr. Ron Parker
Associate DM, HRSD
Ms. Hélène Gosselin
DM, Labour
Mr. John Knubley
DM, Industry
Ms. Marta Morgan
Associate DM, Industry
Mr. Wayne Smith
Chief Statistician
Mr. Bill Pentney
DM, Justice & Deputy Attorney General
Ms. Lori Sterling
Associate DM, Justice
Mr. Pierre Legault
Associate DM, Justice
National Defence                          
Mr. Richard Fadden
DM, National Defence
Mr. Michael Martin
Senior Associate DM, National Defence
Mr. John Forster
Chief, CSE
National Revenue                          
Mr. Andrew Treusch
Commissioner, Canada Revenue Agency
Mr. Bill Jones
Deputy Commissioner, Canada Revenue Agency
Natural Resources                          
Mr. Serge Dupont
DM, Natural Resources
Ms. Karen Ellis
Associate DM, Natural Resources
Mr. Michael Keenan
Associate DM, Natural Resources
Public Safety                          
Mr. François Guimont
DM, Public Safety
Mr. John Ossowski
Associate DM, Public Safety
Mr. Michel Coulombe
Interim Director, Canadian Security Intelligence Service
Mr. Luc Portelance
President, Canada Border Services Agency 
Mr. Malcolm Brown
Executive Vice-President, CBSA
Mr. Don Head
Commissioner, Correctional Service of Canada
Public Works and Government Services                          
Ms. Michelle d’Auray
DM, PWGSC & Deputy Receiver General of Canada
Ms. Renée Jolicoeur
Associate DM, PWGSC
Ms. Liseanne Forand
President, Shared Services Canada
Mr. Grant Westcott
COO, Shared Services Canada
Mr. Louis Lévesque
DM, Transport & Deputy Head of Infrastructure and Communities
Ms. Anita Biguzs
Associate DM, Transport
Ms. Marie Lemay
Associate DM, Infrastructure
Treasury Board                          
Ms. Yaprak Baltacioğlu
Secretary of the Treasury Board
Mr. Alister Smith
Associate Secretary, TBS
Mr. James Ralston
Comptroller General of Canada
Mr. Daniel Watson
Chief Human Resources Officer
            Co-Chair   Co-Chair
Ms. Corinne Charette
Chief Information Officer
Ms. Linda Lizotte-MacPherson
President, Canada School of Public Service
Veterans Affairs                          
Ms. Mary Chaput
DM, Veterans Affairs
Ms. Anne Marie Smart
Associate DM, Veterans Affairs
Regional Agencies                          
Mr. Paul LeBlanc
President, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
Mr. Guy Mc Kenzie
President, Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec
Ms. Daphne Meredith
DM, Western Economic Diversification
Mr. Patrick Borbey
President, Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency
Dr. Bruce Archibald
President, Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
Other Agencies                          
Ms. Anne-Marie Robinson
President, Public Service Commission
Mr. Daniel J. Caron
Librarian and Archivist of Canada, Library and Archives Canada
Mr. Bob Paulson
Commissioner, RCMP
Gen. Thomas J. Lawson
Chief of Defence Staff
Total 17 12 16 25 13 18 20 15 42 13 13 11 46
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